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Fingertip Pulse Oximeter – Just £19.00

Contec 50DL Pulse oximeter cheapest pulse oximeter

Contec 50DL Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

The CMS50DL Pulse Oximeter is one of the best value pulse oximeters on the market today.


The product is suitable for being used in the following environments, home, hospital, community healthcare, physical care in sports (It can be used before or after doing sports, and it is not recommended to use the device during the sporting activities as the device is likely to fly off the finger and be damaged.

Main Features

■ Integrated SpO2 probe and processing display module
■ Small size、lightweight and convenient to carry
■ Simple to Operate, low power consumption ensuring long battery life
■ Clear SpO2 value display
■ Pulse rate value display, bar graph display
■ Low-voltage indication: low-voltage indicator appears before working abnormally which is due to low-voltage
■ Automatically power off function: it will automatically power off within 5 seconds if the finger is removed from the probe
■ Colours do vary

Price £19.00 plus vat

Pulse oximetry is a noninvasive method for monitoring a person’s oxygen saturation (SO2). Its reading of SpO2 (peripheral oxygen saturation) is not always identical to the reading of SaO2 (arterial oxygen saturation) from arterial blood gas analysis, but the two are correlated enough within an acceptable deviation such that the safe, convenient, noninvasive, inexpensive pulse oximetry method is valuable for measuring oxygen saturation in clinical use.

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