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Equipment Servicing

Medical Equipment Servicing

Lower PricesMedical Equipment Servicing

Wessex Medical is able to arrange for servicing and repair of much of your onboard equipment including oxygen, while we specialise in the service and repair of the LIFEPAK 12 and Zoll range of defibrillators we are by no means restricted to these models.
We aim to offer a value led service and respect the fact that owners of these older machines still have a need to maintain them at the highest standard.
Please do bear in mind that upgrades are often not cost-effective to carry out and we will advise you of that. When new these machines were often not designed to be upgraded once sold but as they get older the value of the machine means it is often very much cheaper to simply replace it with one of the desired specification.
We offer a field-based service if the work allows it to be cost-effective for you otherwise you just need to return the items to our warehouse in Wiltshire for an estimate of the costs involved.
It usually takes around 2/3 days for Medical Equipment Servicing, obviously, a repair can take longer if we have to wait for parts to arrive, however, if you are in a hurry we will do what we can to speed things along, but we need to be able to plan ahead.
If you would like us to quote for a repair you can just send the unit to us at our address but please do make sure you always enclose your return details and a description of the faults. It may be that we ask to see the unit before we can give a definitive price for a repair.

We have recently reduced our pricing structure so please call and find out if we can help you within your budget.
You can also call us on 01722 410084 for a chat about your requirements.

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