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Wessex Medical is a key supplier of Emergency Medical Products to the Global Market

We have been selling defibrillators for over thirty years and supply most of the ranges available.

We also supply much of the requirements the emergency responder might need as well as basic first aid supplies

Wessex Medical has customers on every continent, not always a very high number, but they are there and they return time and again

   What makes us different is our willingness to share information and more importantly, we are happy to search and locate products that you may not find on our website right away

Our warehouse in Salisbury is open for personal visits and coffee and we stock enough general items to be able to fulfil most orders overnight

  We are happy to help you with anything from a bandage to a monitor and when you run short of stock on a Saturday night, we will be there for you

 We also offer to service most ambulance equipment with a speciality in defibrillators but not limited to defibrillators

We'd be happy to hear from you on

01722 410084




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Registered in the UK : Company No: 07281464