First Aid and AED Cabinets

A Selection of First Aid Cabinets and Wall LockersĀ for your AED’s

A wide range is available if you contact us with your details, there just isn’t enough room here for all of them

Before you start looking for a cabinet ask yourself whether you plan to place the cabinet indoors or outside, whether there is a power source available and whether the cabinet needs to be heated. How secure is the location, do you need it to be resistant to vandalism and theft. Does it need to be lockable and how is it to be accessed, key code or key.

Remember wherever you place the cabinet, make sure it is well signed, you should walk through the route from the street and place a sign at every turn

We can supply the signs you require but feel free to ask our advice, we have been looking at AED placement for over 25 years

The New ECOPAD offers security and safety for your AED from vandalism and weather

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