Blood Pressure Monitors


Hospital quality BP Monitors in both digital and analogue form

Automatic blood pressure monitors

There are many different kinds of home BP monitors, but it is easiest to use a monitor that is fully automatic (digital). Choose one that measures your BP at your upper arm, rather than at your wrist or finger. Upper-arm BP monitors usually give the most accurate and consistent results

Make sure your monitor is accurate

Make sure you have the right cuff size

An upper-arm BP monitor will come with a cuff that you need to wrap around your arm. If you use a cuff that is the wrong size for you, your BP reading will not be correct

Measure around your upper arm at the midpoint between your shoulder and elbow, and choose your cuff size from the chart below.

Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor cuff sizes
Measurement (cm)
Measurement (inches)
Cuff size
18-22 cm7.1-8.7”Small
22-32 cm8.8-12.8”Medium
32-45 cm12.8-18”Large

Most home blood pressure monitors will come with a medium-sized cuff. You may have to order a different-sized cuff separately.

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