AS Card Green Electrocardiograph

AsCARD Green 12 Channel ECG Electrocardiograph v. 05.101

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AsCARD Green 12 Channel ECG Electrocardiograph

Developing the AsCard Green electrocardiograph Aspel has combined features such as functionality, quality and modernity into a unit which has low weight, small dimensions and in-built battery enabling ease of use around the health centre or clinic.
It makes the AsCard Green an ideal choice for the Event Company or Private Ambulance company setting up a temporary field clinic as an internal battery is not always an option.

Developing AsCard Green electrocardiograph we have combined such features as functionality, quality and modernity. Low weight, small dimensions and in-built accumulator enables operating without necessity of connection to the mains.

    Graphical 128×240, screen
    Presentation of 1/3/6/12 leads on a screen
    1/3 channels printout
    Automatic analysis and interpretation
    Membrane alphanumeric keyboard with functional keys
    Detection of heart pacemaker peaks
    Acoustic signalling of detected beats
    Multilingual menu
    Continuous HR measurement presented on a screen
    INOP signalisation independent for each electrode

Technical specifications

    Presentation of 1/3/6/12 leads on a screen
    1/3 channels printout
    Membrane alphanumeric keyboard with functional keys
    Automatic analysis and interpretation
    Graphical 128×240, screen
    Adapted to direct operation on an open heart
    Signalisation of accumulator voltage reduction
    Signalisation of accumulator charging
    2,5/5/10/20 mm/mV sensitivity
    Contour line filters; filters available: 0.15Hz, 0.45Hz, 0.75Hz, 1.5Hz
    Mains disturbance filter – 50Hz,60Hz
    Muscular disturbances filter – 25Hz, 35Hz, 45Hz
    Internal battery with charger, 6V/1,3Ah to perform 60 automatic examinations
    EEL – automatic paper loading system
    Thermoactive, wax and dust free paper
    Dimensions: (LxWxH) 255x195x69 mm
    weight: <1,3 kg


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ASPEL JSC has been in medical market since 1986 and are based in the European Community. Their main activity is manufacturing electronic medical equipment, dedicated to cardiology.
The growing requirements of their customers stimulate the technical development of our company. In order to satisfy their needs existing products are modernized and new ones are introduced.
Aspel put a strong emphasis on quality and safety of the products. The scientific-technical potential, achieved mechanical and electronic back-up facilities and research laboratory guarantee the high quality of their products. Their experience and skillful use of the company’s facilities and modern technology enable it to produce specialized medical equipment of a high quality.
The foundation of the company’s success is quality and reliability based on integrated management system and partnerships all over the world.
The Company mission is to fulfill expectations and demands by:

  • producing high quality products,
  • keeping pace with current technology,
  • implementation of the most up to date achievements in science and technology.

Standard equipment

  • Patient cable KEKG30 v.001 – 1 pc/s (07-110-0001)
  • Suction electrodes EPP v.001 – set of 6 (07-110-0011)
  • Clamp electrodes EKK v.001 – set of 4 (07-110-0013)
  • ECG gel – 250g v.001 (07-110-0089)
  • ECG paper RB1 v.001 – 1pc
  • Supply cable

Please contact Wessex Medical to discuss the following options:
Carry bag for medical equipment T5 v.001 (07-110-0077)
ECG paper RB1 v.001 – 5 pcs (07-110-0091)
Trolley WB5 v.001 (07-110-0026)
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