Heartsine AED’s

The best things in life are often simple. That’s true for the best lifesaving AED technology as well.

HeartSine® is the pioneer of clinically advanced automated external defibrillators (AEDs) for the workplace, public access and home markets. In fact, every AED in use today can trace its roots to technology envisioned and developed by HeartSine technologists.

Certainly, they take pride as the only manufacturer of automated external defibrillators whose roots date back to the development of the world’s first truly portable, battery-operated defibrillator. It’s a record of innovation unmatched in the industry.

But they didn’t stop there.

Today, they remain extremely vigilant and continue to invent clinically advanced AED technology designed for use by rescuers of all skill levels. At HeartSine, their innovation changes lives. And saves lives. Since the summer of 2015 they have been part of the Physio-Control family.

It’s lifesaving, pure and simple.


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