CPR Training Manikins


Realistic looking CPR Training Manikins are more acceptable to both instructors and students. Far easier and faster for you to carry and set up at training sites. Easy-to-insert face shield lung bag speeds set up of the manikin. The Face shield is secured so it won’t slip and there’s no need for adhesives.

Gives each student a realistic experience that provides for the best “real life” CPR outcomes, it allows each student to observe a true chest rise and fall. Full chest rise and lung bag ensures that students receive the most accurate and realistic training. Helps students take CPR learning experience seriously. Face/head tilt enhances the CPR learning experience and realistic actions teaches students how to open the airway during CPR. Clicker mechanism increases student’s confidence in administering adequate compression’s.


As recommended by the updated 2015 CPR Guidelines, Prestan has launched a new CPR Rate Monitor that takes the quality of training feedback to the next level.

When students are practising CPR compression’s on a Prestan Professional Adult Manikin, not only will they see when they have reached and are maintaining the minimum recommended speed of 100cpm, but additionally, they will also see when they reach the upper limit of 120cpm, as the yellow monitor light will flash rapidly to let them know.

In adult victims of cardiac arrest, it is reasonable for rescuers to perform chest compression’s at a rate of 100 per minute to 120 per minute.

2015 CPR Guidelines.

The Prestan Professional Adult Manikin, makes it exceptionally easy to see if a student is performing chest compression’s ‘at least 100/min’ as the 2010 Guidelines recommended. Achieving two green lights provided the instructor (and the student), with the information showing that the student met the minimum number of compression’s needed to be successful. Now, and with no change in price, Prestan introduces a new BLUE monitor version of the Prestan Professional Adult Manikin. In addition to the visual feedback provided by the current monitor, the BLUE monitor will rapidly flash the yellow light when the 120/min compression rate is reached, indicating that the student is compressing too fast. The yellow light will continue flashing until the compression rate has slowed back down below 120/min.

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How the CPR Rate Monitor Works

    • Begin compression’s on the Prestan Professional Adult Manikin.
    • When you reach the correct depth of 2-2.4″, you will hear an audible CLICK to confirm.
    • The clicker sends a signal to your CPR Rate Monitor. With each compression, the CPR Rate Monitor instantly and continuously responds to your speed with colour-coded LED lighting for invaluable feedback.

      The CPR Rate Monitor can also be purchased separately and easily installed into a Prestan Adult CPR Training Manikins.

      CPR Rate Monitor Installation Guide.

      The updated CPR Rate Monitor (Blue) will replace the former CPR Rate Monitor for new 2016 purchases.



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