Cables and Sensors

A small selection of Cables & Sensors for the Lifepak 12 and Zoll defibrillators. We can however supply a much wider selection on request. Just Ask.

While most manufacturers continue to supply accessories for many years after their products have been in circulation there is also a growing market in third party pattern parts. We can often supply pattern cables and leads at a far reduced cost. Whilst no one is suggesting they are made to the same quality as the original accessories they are ideal if you are running your older units on a budget or suffering regular loss from accidental damage or misuse.

We are confident the leads and cables we sell offer good value to our customers

We can also service and repair much of your ambulance equipment specialising in defibrillators and monitors such as the Lifepak 12 and Zoll series but we also cover other makes as well as oxygen , suction and other items.

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