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Cheapest AED in the UK ??

LifePoint Pro AED Defibrillator

Lifepoint Pro AED Defibrillator

£599.00 plus vat

LifePoint Pro AED Defibrillator

Why choose the Life-Point Pro AED Automated External Defibrillator?

The Life-Point Pro AED automatic defibrillator device is fairly easy to use with audio and visual directions in three easy steps.

The AED is always ready to use with its self-test feature. The Life-Point Pro AED defibrillator device is small and lightweight, and thanks to the carry bag its also compact as standard with all accessories. You do not need any other aids as the LIfePoint comes with a small first aid kit inside the carrying case.

Life-Point Pro AED defibrillator wieghs only 1.9 kg, it is quite easy to carry. A CPR metronome sound to help coaching during CPR and thus encourage more effective CPR helps. Automatic recognition of peadiatric pads ensures the AED has a configuration within its software for use in peadiatric patients as soon as it is switched on. The LifePoint AED Pro device stores the data from the patient and records can be examined later.

The software can be easily upgraded remotely in accordance with the new guidelines. Clear, intelligible voice commands and the volume can be adjusted.

Suitable for use in any environment with an optional wall mount kit and wall cabinet accessories. Inexpensive spare parts, accessories prices and an excellent 5 year warranty.

Advantages of the Life Point Pro AED
– Excellent value for money
– Ease of use for lay users
– Real-time voice commands and step by step guidance
– Helps time Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) to perfection
– Fully compliant with the UK regulations and British Standards.
– Metronome for fully synchronised CPR
– Self-test function
– Extremely lightweight
– Fast to deploy
– Attractive durable carry case
– Long & short term rental schemes available.